Even though you’ve have had to file for Bankruptcy, we will make sure you will have a positive experience at Harvard Chevrolet GMC like no other dealership can offer.  While Bankruptcy can be bad news for your credit score, getting approved for an auto loan is still possible.

We offer financing for OPEN chapter 7 and 13 filings as well as Discharged filings.  In some cases, we can even offer NO MONEY DOWN loans.  We will help get you into a NEW or late model car and help you rebuild your credit right away.  Bankruptcy is not the end, our fresh start program offers the right vehicle at the right price with a loan that works for your new beginning.

We are sure you have a few questions, give us a call at 815-943-4007 or click the link below to get started immediately.  Our goal is to help you get into a car right now and you can start to repair your credit score at the same time!

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